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L_A 101L : Taking Your Major from College to Career (Online)

Course Description

Designed for students who want to strengthen the connection between their education and the workplace, this class uses chaos theory as a metaphor for today's job search. Students are guided through a comprehensive self-analysis of their major, coursework, and experiences using visual learning techniques to understand and articulate the value of their education to employers and graduate schools. Students will identify needed mindsets, develop a career action plan, write targeted marketing documents, and take full advantage of their education, regardless of major.

Official UT Austin Course Description
LA101L Introduction to the Liberal Arts. Topics related to exploring the various disciplines in the College of Liberal Arts. One lecture hour a week for one semester, or as required by the topic. May be repeated for credit when the topics vary. Some sections are offered on the letter-grade basis only; these are identified in the Course Schedule.

1 college credit hour.

Graded Assessments
8 assignments
1 proctored event (taken at approved testing site)

University of Texas at Austin Prerequisites

University of Texas at Austin Graduation Requirements
This course may fulfill a degree requirement. If you are a UT Austin student, contact your UT Austin advisor. If you are not a UT Austin student, contact the University Extension advisor.

Textbook(s) and Materials
Brooks, Katharine. You Majored in What?: Mapping Your Path from Chaos to Career, Plume, 2010 - Paperback edition.
ISBN 10: 0-452-29600-5 or 13: 978-0-452-29600-8

Course Fees (exam proctoring fees may apply and are not included)


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