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ANT 302 : Cultural Anthropology (Online)
E 316K : Masterworks of Lit: British (Online)
E 321 : Shakespeare: Selected Plays (Online)
E 337 : American Lit: From Begin to 1865 (Online)
E 338 : American Lit: From 1865 to Present (Online)
E 348 : The Twentieth-Century Short Story (Online)
ECO 304K : Introduction to Microeconomics (Online)
ECO 304L : Introduction to Macroeconomics (Online)
ECO 333K : Development Economics (Online)
ECO 355 : Development Problems and Policies in Latin America (Online)
GOV 105 : Texas Government (Online)
GOV 310L : American Government (Online)
GOV 312L : Issues and Policies in American Government: American Political Parties (Online)
GOV 312L : Issues and Policies in American Government: The Constitutional Debates (Online)
GOV 344 : American Foreign Relations (Online)
GRG 305 : This Human World: Introduction to Geography (Online)
HED 366 : Human Sexuality (Online)
HIS 304K : English Civilization Before 1603 (Online)
HIS 304L : English Civilization Since 1603 (Online)
HIS 315K : The United States, 1492-1865 (Online)
HIS 315L : United States Since 1865 (Online)
HIS 317L : Topics in United States History - Native Americans and the U.S. (Online)
HIS 317L : Topics in United States History - Women in United States History (Online)
HIS 333M : U.S. Diplomatic History Since 1890 (Online)
HIS 346K : Colonial Latin America (Online)
HIS 365G : Topics in United States History - Texas and Its History (Online)
LEB 320F : Foundations of the Legal Environment of Business (Online)
M 301 : College Algebra (Online)
PHL 301 : Introduction to Philosophy (Online)
PHL 312 : Introduction to Logic (Online)
PHL 313K : Logic, Sets and Functions (Online)
PHY 301 : Mechanics (Online)
PHY 302L : General Physics: Technical Course-Electricity and Magnetism, Light, Atomic and Nuclear Physics (Online)
PSY 301 : Introduction to Psychology (Online)
PSY 304 : Introduction to Child Psychology (Online)
PSY 309 : Personality (Online)
PSY 317 : Statistical Methods in Psychology (Online)
PSY 319K : Social Psychology (Online)
SOC 302 : Introduction to the Study of Society (Online)
SPN 312K : Second-Year Spanish I: Oral Expression, Reading and Composition (Online)
SPN 312L : Second-Year Spanish II: Oral Expression, Reading and Composition (Online)
SPN 506 : First-Year Spanish I (Online)
SPN 507 : First-Year Spanish II (Online)


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